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God Will Provide: How God's Bounty Opened to Saints and 9 Ways It Can Open for You, Too

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A specialist in human goodness and recent saints, Patricia Treece offers the fruits of years of research on how God meets the material needs, in varying ways, of his people. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, for instance, refused to let anyone raise money in her name, insisting if God wanted something done through her, he’d send the money. Other friends of God did seek donations and got them in amazing ways. Most intriguing of all, Treece found people living quietly anonymous lives secure in God’s providence. From them she has learned to live that way, too. In this lively book she offers copious examples of ten universal principles to live by so you can join those who know, in good times or bad, God will provide.

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  • Paperback
  • 206 pages